Monday, March 21, 2011

recovering.. slowly

We all know how most men are when they are sick.. I don't even need to get into it because most woman have experienced this with either a father, brother, boyfriend or husband. Well for the first time ever I was "man sick".
 Man Cold (in case you have never seen it)

I seriously whined, moaned, and I think died for a few days on the couch. It was GREAT! No wonder why they do it when they are sick. If I knew how glorious it felt to be this way, be waited on, cared for all day and night you bet I would have started this sometime ago. Of course being sick stinks! But when someone actually cares for you it's not so bad..

I guess this is why they do it. Now I know. I bet I will be paid back plenty. Justin seems to be getting sicker.. EEK!!


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