Thursday, April 7, 2011

took a break

I took a small break from the little things blog to simply enjoy the little things. The things that make me smile from day to day. The people that bring such joy to my life. 
these people 
my family

And now with the weather being as fabulous as it has been, we have been doing a lot of this
It's so fun compared to last year with him at the park. 
Last fall he was like meh this is okay momma not much enthusiasm but now it's like woah little guy slow down! 
He runs from slide to slide, swing to picnic table and then he made his way down to the river. 
I thank god every day for giving me such a amazing family to love and to love me as well. 
Each day is a new adventure. 
Each day we all need to just stop and enjoy 
the little things...


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