Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sunday walk

We go out on family walks in the most amazing places. Tonight we ended up on a snowmobile trail down by the river. 
Joshua encountered snake grass for the first time. 
Apparently mom hasn't seen it before either because I swore it was bamboo!
We didn't take photo's of this walk, we just walked, talked, and laughed at our toddler learning the all the new sounds, textures, and things to see around him.

On Sunday however we did go out on a walk at pothole park. Joshua loved it! 
I think we have a rock climber in our midst. 

Don't worry dad is very close to him I just cropped him out and had him hide :)
We enjoyed the river.
Which wow is that ever high! And moving so fast. 
It's this time of year that I love! Summer is coming.
The tree's are budding, the birds are singing, and my little man is just in awe of all his new surroundings.
I love this photo. He was so into all the new sights and sounds. 
To be young again and able to enjoy things for the first time all over again. 


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