Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today we loaded up Joshua in the car and had hopes of finally getting answers!
Justin and I made our way down to Eagan Mn to find out what this strange red, sometimes bumpy, sometimes really apparent sometimes not, rash was on our sweet one year old sons shoulder.
I posted about this last week. It's been an on going battle trying to get answers from doctors. Justin googled, yes googled, top pediatric dermatologist in Minnesota and we found one name pop up quite a few times. And this time we were not going to be hasty. We looked into him called around and got some info on him through our pediatrician who knew of him and all his awards and achievements.
So back to our car ride, we sang songs with Joshua dancing in the back until he fell asleep and then talked about all the diagnosis's we had gotten prior and feared that he had one of them. Although neither of us said it I know we both were scared.

We made our way into the office an hour later 20 minutes early NOT normal for us, so you can see how eager we were to get some answers! 
By 11:15 we had them. Our son has a rare skin condition that may or may not go away at puberty or sooner. 
The condition is Urticaria Pigmentosa. it is one of several forms of mastocystosis, which occurs where there are too many inflammatory cells(mast cells) in the skin. It is most often seen in young children. So we need to put a cream on his shoulder and cover it at night every night and be seen in a month. He said it should greatly improve if not possibly go away?? I might have to ask Justin about that because it was like once I heard him say we have nothing to worry about and this can be treated I drifted off and chased Joshua around the room.
It usually goes away 80 percent of the time according to our MD. Bee stings may also cause allergic reactions in some pt's so we will have to carry an EpiPen which I have to discuss with the MD as well. 

And.. sigh.. Although we have answers and I feel relieved to know that we are being treated by a good doctor who seems like he knows what he is doing, and Joshua doesn't have any of the crazy things listed by the previous Dermatologist, the mom in me still wants to take this rash and everything that goes with it and stick it on my shoulder. Take it from him!

I want to take all my children's pain from them.  
That's for another post. 

Now time for bed where I can finally rest my eyes and maybe my mind for a few minutes. 


{Jennifer} said...

I'm glad you finally got an answer about what it is! I'll be praying for him that it does completely go away. It does look a lot better then it did when you first showed it to us. I know how you feel about wanting to take the pain/condition and give it to yourself, every time we eat meat and Ian cries to have some, I wish for one second I could be the one in his shoes so he could eat whatever he wanted.

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