Tuesday, February 8, 2011
pig cake

A few weeks ago scrolling through pioneer woman's recipes I run across this cake. Never heard of it thought it looked good then thought nothing else of it until today. 
I wanted to feel like spring. So I went with what I would consider a spring type dessert. 
I swear at this point I'm trying anything to feel that sense of warmth, even attacking my sense of taste in hopes that the feeling of the warm sun peaking through the green leaves on the tree's and the big bright blue skies return sooner then later! 
And for that brief moment today while enjoying a piece of this cake I tasted a bit of what I would think spring would taste like. 
At least at this point of being cooped up in a house for months.
Maybe I'm losing it, quite possibly, cabin fever has taken over!

                                                   the finished product


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