Monday, February 14, 2011

Recipe time

This recipe I picked up from the show Mad Hungry. I love these! My family loves these! 
They may seem like quite a bit of work but honestly double the dough and make twenty of them and thank me in a few weeks when lunch or snacks have gotten that much easier and your kids are eating veggies and have no idea.

This is the first recipe you will need. I just make it and put it in the fridge while I continue making the filling for my mini pot pie's. (link to recipe to follow)Also when making the pie's I add pea's and maybe a small diced potato to them. 

Click here to open Cream Cheese Pastry Crust

Click here to open Savory Chicken Pocket Pies

I often make a day out of it when I make these. Because you are boiling a big enough chicken that you can make at least two more meals. I use the broth to make a chicken noodle soup along with some of the chicken. You can just use all of it if you would like but I also like to make these (click here to open) White Chicken Enchilada's from Pioneer woman's site.

My kids LOVE the pocket pies. You can also use this crust to make turnovers. YUM! 



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