Monday, May 2, 2011


Been MIA for awhile again. 

Have been trying to stay off the pc as much as possible. About a month ago we moved our computer/office room downstairs into what used to be the storage room. Before that the pc's were way to accessible and I would find myself running into the next room to "check" something and end up on the darn computer for much to long. 
But now that it is downstairs I come down maybe once a day to check things early in the morning before my husband leaves for work and again when Jman is napping.
I feel so much better about the time I spend on the pc!
But I miss blogging, so here I'm. 
Taking a break from coupon hunting, (which is what I do at night) so I can pop in and blog a bit.

In other news little man has been done nursing now for 5 weeks! Crazy I tell you. Mom's a little sad about this but he could care less.
Potty training next?


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