Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rash troubles

Four weeks now and Joshua's rash is finally seeing some change. 
After 7 doctors opinion's, a post of the rash on a message board and a wonderful Dermatology PA responding to my post and finally giving us some relief I think it's going away.

 Joshua has had this rash since about mid January. It is on his shoulder. One night I put him in his pajama's put on a little lotion, and put him to bed. 

The next morning we are up and ready to face the day when I change him into his clothes, there it is! This strange rash that I think maybe it's eczema. But how weird that it literally appeared overnight. 

So I start putting on cetaphil, that doesn't work. Then move onto OTC hydro-cortisone that doesn't work. Frustrated I take him into the family practice doc because on top of this I think he has an ear infection. And he does. But the family doc says to me she has no idea what it is just keep using the hydro-cortisone. 
Off I go. Back home through the weekend. Now keep in mind this rash isn't bothering him at all. At least not that I can tell. 
But he is 1 and seriously I don't think he has any idea how to itch something. We have seen him get annoyed by it while in his car seat. that is all.

Fast forward to the next week, we go into my pediatrician's office. All four of the ped's come in to look at this strange rash. None of them have seen this before. So back to square one. Keep up with the hyrdo oh and if it doesn't go away here are some dermatologist you can see.

Well I walk out the door put Joshua in the car and guess what I did. Made the appointment to see a derm! I was not waiting. I wish I could have just done this to begin with but thank you insurance companies for making me have to jump through a hoop or two to get a referral. 

We head in a few days later to see this derm. Now here I'm thinking okay this is it I will get some answers.
Well long story short he walks in, you can tell he is in a hurry I'm the last pt of the day. Looks at the rash, tell's me 6 different things it could be has the nurse write them down and tell's me to look them up ONLINE!!!!!!! 
I was stunned. I couldn't say anything. I just had all these thoughts as he said have a good weekend. I have NEVER had a MD tell me to look something up online. They usually say stay off the net for medical advice. And here he is saying get some advice from the WWW! hahaha Did I just pay this guy? UGH! He could have given me some ideas as to what these things were that he wanted me to look up. So on my way out I stopped him and said nicely "do you have any brochures on these things or could you explain to me this one" he said he would explain them more to me if I wanted to come in next week. I said well is there a reputable site I can go to online and look these up. His response well google it you should find a lot about the first two, I just did that and found a few good links. 

Joshua and I head home. I can't wait to get home so I call my husband to have him look them up. Let me just say by the end of the call I was bawling and he was panicking. These possible things he could have were just not something you left up to the pt and WWW to figure out.

Well about a week later I decide to post on my 12-24 month message board a photo of the rash. I was going crazy! This wasn't going away it wasn't changing but it wasn't spreading I didn't get it. I made an appointment with a new Derm but couldn't get in for about 2 weeks. Within a hour I get a response. It's a PA that works for a Derm in Florida. She PM's me and ask's me to send her new photo's zoomed in etc and ask me a ton of questions. She sends all this off to the MD she works for and they respond about 2 days later. It could be one of the things listed by the previous derm I saw but it also could be contact dermatitis. She called it a stubborn case maybe? She offers to send me Cloderm I was like sure if you think it will help. 
Well the photo's I'm about to post say a lot I think this cream is working! 

I'm just hoping it continues to go away! And we will be keeping that appointment with the new Derm just to make sure and also he has to have his birthmark on his face removed because as he get's older it could become cancerous.
Thank goodness for the PA in Florida! Now if you have ideas I want to send her a little thank you gift.. Any ideas?


{Jennifer} said...

Wow I'm glad it is going away!!! You could always send her some flowers or if you want a more personal touch bake cookies and send them to her!

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